At Trilations, we assist clients in all markets. We understand how to swiftly and efficiently adapt our solutions to different companies in different markets. A good consultant can apply its skills in any environment.

Nevertheless in our 20 years of operations, we acquired specific market knowledge in several key industries.

Energy & Utilities

The industry that started it all for Trilations. For over 20 years we have been assisting our clients in the Energy & Utilities market to adapt to a changing market situation, to optimize their processes and to leverage their data.



The demands of the public and the employees regarding the level of service and the way work is organized pose a challenge for the local/regional/federal administration. We assist the public sector in streamlining their processes to deliver a great service with happy employees and happy customers.



Banking & Insurance

The rapidly changing digital environment requires financial services companies to re-evaluate their current business model in order to cope with the ensuing challenges. We deliver data driven optimizations to current processes, ensuring an optimal internal workflow and and an exquisite client service.




Adapting to rising energy prices, the increase in online shopping and ever evolving customer expectations are key challenges for the logistic sector. We help to introduce new technologies and integrate services and business units today to ensure market share tomorrow.



Chemical & Petrochemical

The changing global situation is having an unprecedented impact on the (petro)chemical sector. To ensure supplies and output profound changes have to be made in automation and digitization of workflows, both in the core business as in the supporting services. We make sure our clients have all the data they need to make informed decisions and their processes and tools are flexible enough to tackle any change.



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