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Just like our consultants, our four core services are anything but standard.   Everything we do is powered by the Trilations difference, so you can expect a tailored approach and a fresh perspective every time we work together.

We are there for you

Four distinct services, each carefully designed over time to bring you exceptional results.

and digitization

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Transformation and digitization

There’s more to digital transformation consulting than implementing new systems and going paper-free. Every company is defined by its own history, requirements and internal culture. Our consultants have the ability to truly immerse themselves in your organization finding the most appropriate solution every time.

We offer you assistance in establishing a solid:

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Solution Architecture

  • Business Architecture

We can help you ...

Define your company values, business strategy and data strategy.

Develop transformation roadmaps and establish process frameworks.

Take make or buy decisions and give advice in your software selection.

Our experts are here to guide and advise you in your digital transformation.

Information Management

By placing data at the front and center of your business, and using that data effectively, you’ll be able to proactively drive change, enable innovation, inspire your teams and increase your competitive edge. We have the skills to assist you in becoming a true data-driven organization.

You can count on us for an optimized:

  • Data Architecture

  • Data Analysis

  • Data Visualization

We are there for you to

Develop your data strategy for Business Intelligence (BI) and Advanced Analytics (AA)

Define business cases and determine a data architecture to implement and accomplish BI/AA.

Extract, transform and prepare data in order to establish self-service BI.

Determine the right KPIs and design & build effective dashboards.

Organize and document your solution, ensuring maintainability.

Ready to transform your organization?

We can help you do it intelligently, efficiently and successfully. If you’d like to hear more, send us a message and one of our team will arrange a call with you.

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Process Management

An organization is only as efficient as its underlying processes. We streamline, transform and create exceptional processes to improve performance, eliminate operational inefficiency and minimize risk.

We optimize your processes through:

  • Business Analysis

  • Functional Analysis

  • Process Optimization

  • Testing

We are there for you to

Realign your processes to new business objectives or tools.

Analyze gaps and market forces, and prioritize the analysis of business requirements.

Optimize team structures and analyze future growth

Looking to optimize your HR process? We've got you covered.

Project Management

Project management is as much an art as it is a science. and one we take great pride in at Trilations. We use our own, PRINCE2 based, approach. At the start of each project we align our way of working with your in-house methods and techniques.

Our consultants will either take on the role of sole project manager or will supplement your current team in:

  • Project Management

  • Change Management

  • Test Coordination

We are there for you to

Implement new or redefined processes and organize training and workshops for users.

Negotiate with suppliers and collaborate with external implementation partners to roll out new software.

Manage budgets and timelines, plan capacity and hold status update meetings.

Water utilities face pressure to increase efficiency, improve customer service, deliver security of supply, and offer new valuable services. In a major operational excellence program at Water-Link, the Trilations’ teams were responsible for optimizing customer2invoice and maintenance/supply chain processes. This resulted in detailed processes, related working instructions and new ways of working for the organization.



The Energy retail industry is changing rapidly. Our strategic imperative must be to invent and invest in our own disruptive business model before somebody else does that against us. Digital is an opportunity to create new businesses. Together with Trilations consultants we optimize and implement digital projects to serve and create value for our customers.

Belgian Energy Provider

Digital Manager

Innovations in the Energy&Utilities market are driving growth and customer loyalty. Customers are asking for these new products & services. New business models require new mindsets and structures. To meet that demand, we benefit from Trilations’ knowledge and experience with new business models and transformation processes. We can count on Trilations assessing and successfully integrating those innovations into our operations and infrastructure.


Area Manager

Find out how Organizational Transformations can transform your organisation

Great strategies are based on the right decisions. Trilations works closely with your internal leadership teams and provides you with business insights to ensure you take the right decisions.

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Not your average consultants

At Trilations, we take pride in our difference. Our approach, our style, our company culture – it all stands out in the crowd. It’s just one reason why clients choose us over the rest.

Our service

Trilations clients keep coming back to us. Why? Our exceptional levels of service.

Our knowledge

Trilations consultants are more than established experts – they’re constantly learning and evolving with your industry

Our skills

Proven time and time again over twenty years, our skills are exceptional in every aspect of the services we provide.

Facts & figures

Here at Trilations we are proud to be the chosen partner for a multitude of clients. With each project we grow to support our next collaboration life-sciences.