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Organizational Transformation

At Trilations, we believe there is nothing more effective than change in an organization to inspire fresh thinking, motivation and innovation.

We also know how challenging change can be for leaders, employees and even consumers. That’s why we’ve spent the last twenty years leveraging our expertise to help organizations like yours to harness the power of change and make it work for you.

Your decisions in expert hands

We support you in making decisions that are based on facts. Knowledge, analysis and data are at the core of what we provide, enabling you to guide your organization with certainty.

Using advanced analysis and market knowledge, we provide you with the foundation you need to decide on strategies, create tangible benefits and truly transform the way you do things. 

Truly tailored solutions

Your organization is as unique as any fingerprint. We tailor every solution to your company’s requirements, culture and goals, to ensure the most effective results every time.

HR Process Management

We can develop new processes and streamline existing ones, conducting best-fit analyses to find the perfect software solutions, then train your team to use them effectively.

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Asset Management

To stay on top of the latest developments, your asset management office can count on our specialized analysts with an in-depth knowledge of asset management principles.

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Cross-sectoral success

While we are ready to take on any new challenge in a variety of industries, we’re proud of the work we’ve done over the last twenty years in five key markets.

Energy & Utilities

The industry that started it all for Trilations and one that has seen a huge amount of transformation in the last two decades. 


We help local, regional and federal administrations to streamline their processes and operate more effectively for their employees and users.

Banking & Insurance

Optimizing current processes and systems through data means enabling resilience in a constantly changing industry, as well as efficient internal workflows and happy customers. 


As industries respond to changing consumer habits and rising energy prices, the logistics sector is constantly evolving. We help by introducing new technologies and advanced integration.


In response to the rapidly changing global situation, we help clients in the (petro)chemical sector to ensure supply and output by automating and digitizing their workflows.

Water utilities face pressure to increase efficiency, improve customer service, deliver security of supply, and offer new valuable services. In a major operational excellence program at Water-Link, the Trilations’ teams were responsible for optimizing customer2invoice and maintenance/supply chain processes. This resulted in detailed processes, related working instructions and new ways of working for the organization.



The Energy retail industry is changing rapidly. Our strategic imperative must be to invent and invest in our own disruptive business model before somebody else does that against us. Digital is an opportunity to create new businesses. Together with Trilations consultants we optimize and implement digital projects to serve and create value for our customers.

Belgian Energy Provider

Digital Manager

Innovations in the Energy&Utilities market are driving growth and customer loyalty. Customers are asking for these new products & services. New business models require new mindsets and structures. To meet that demand, we benefit from Trilations’ knowledge and experience with new business models and transformation processes. We can count on Trilations assessing and successfully integrating those innovations into our operations and infrastructure.


Area Manager

Contracting with Trilations, a TAAS provider, gives us the needed agility and rapid scalability.


Program Manager

Ready to transform your organization?

We can help you do it intelligently, efficiently and successfully. If you’d like to hear more, send us a message and one of our team will arrange a call with you.

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Collaboration based on expertise

Our approach is a proven one, with twenty years of happy clients to show for it. Our experience allows us to adapt to any environment and situation, offering your teams a truly bespoke service.

The experts you need

Each consultant is carefully matched to you organizational culture and needs.

Hands-on project management

On every project, we provide industry expertise and advanced management skills to ensure a smooth process from discussion to delivery.

Facts at your fingertips

Our in-depth business, process and data analysis gives you the facts you need to make decisions with confidence.

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Not your average consultants 

At Trilations, we take pride in our diversity. Our approach, our knowledge and our company culture, it all stands out in the crowd. Those are the reasons our clients put their trust in us.


Combining exceptional service with out-of-the-box thinking and dedication to deliver only the best results, keeps our clients coming back to us.


We not only have a wealth of combined know-how as a company, each of our consultants is an expert in their own right. Our consultants are genuinely inspired by their individual expertise and the industry they work in.

Our company

Building on over 20 years of operational experience, we know what makes a company different. We are a real team, chasing a common goal, without loosing perspective on everyone’s individual needs.

Ready to take your organizational transformation to the next level? Let’s talk.

Facts & figures

Here at Trilations we are proud to be the chosen partner for a multitude of clients. With each project we grow to support our next organizational transformation collaboration.