What we do

Perhaps you’re wondering exactly how Trilations started, and exactly what it is that we do here.

The past two decades we built two expert disciplines. Healthcare Strategies and Organizational Transformation.

Healthcare Strategies

The rapidly changing environment in healthcare requires companies to constantly re-evaluate their current business and strategies. We are there to analyze and advise your commercial and medical teams in multiple branches.

  • Competitive Leadership

  • Engagement Leadership

  • Launch Leadership

  • Patient Centricity

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Johan Vermeiren

Johan Vermeiren

Founder, Managing Partner

Claire Versluys

Claire Versluys

Managing Partner

Organizational Transformation

Change is a challenge, and challenges can be catalysts for inspiration, motivation and innovation.

We join your teams to strategize those changes, support your employees in embracing them and ensure that those changes are serving and amplifying your business.

Organizational transformation can include:

  • Transformation and digitization

  • Information management

  • Process optimization

  • Project management

  • Training and talent development

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Luc Janssens

Luc Janssens

Founder, CEO OT