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27 Jan


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About Trilations

Trilations is a consultancy company, dedicated to assist companies to translate their company strategy in effective processes, streamlined organization and supporting systems, thus maximizing stakeholder value and setting the adequate basis for benchmark business performance.

Perfect solutions for your business

One of the focus domains at Trilations is Process Management & Improvement. Below you can find a case study of one of our projects.

Selection and implementation assistance of an ERP system

For a client in the public sector, we performed an ERP selection and we assisted in the subsequent implementation of the selected system.

Our client needed a new ERP system to improve their operational working and to prepare their operations for the future. This new solution would also form the basis to set up a Business Intelligence system, allowing an improved reporting flow. 

As a vendor independent consultancy firm, we at Trilations were very well placed to make an unbiased assessments and suggest the best possible tooling. 

Based on an in depth analysis of the business needs and interviews with stakeholders the key selection criteria were identified. Different suppliers were contacted and a final decision was made to implement Microsoft Dynamics. 

Based on the previous operational analysis, Trilations drew up the functional requirements. Processes were updated to leverage the strengths of the new software and workshops were organized to train key users. Also a basis was set for the data capture in a future BI environment to optimize future reporting.

One of the main requirements of the new tooling was a modular upgradability. With our advice we ensured our client had a stable base on which they could build and expand efficiently for years to come.

Project goals

  • Define selection criteria

  • Analyzing the selected solutions based on the requirements

  • Present a shortlist of the different solutions

  • Final selection of the new system

  • Implementation with external partners

  • Develop procedures adapted to the new software and train users

  • Set up the basis for a BI environment

Technologies & methodologies used

  • Focus Interviews

  • Workshops

  • Waterfall methodology

  • Microsoft Dynamics

  • Power BI

Project flow

  • Orientation interviews with stakeholders

  • Presentation of findings and action points

  • Draw up selection criteria

  • Contact and assess possible suppliers

  • Propose shortlist and select a solutions

  • Development of adapted procedures 

  • Organize implementation workshops

  • Define data needed for a future BI environment

  • Training of the team


  • Selection of Microsoft Dynamics as the new ERP tool

  • Assistance in successful implementation

  • Adaptation of updated processes with built in flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.

  • Defined data needed for a future BI environment

  • Set up an ERP environment with modular upgradability, greatly reducing the future costs and impact on the business

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