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28 Apr


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About Trilations

Trilations is a consultancy firm dedicated to assist companies in transforming their company strategy into effective processes and in streamlining organisations and their supporting systems, thus maximizing stakeholder value and setting the adequate basis for benchmark business performance.

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One of the focus domains at Trilations is HR Process Optimization. Below you can find a case study of one of our projects.

HR process optimization

For SD Worx we supported in 2019 Project HeRo: The implementation of a corporate HRIS platform (SAP SuccessFactors).

The goal of the project was the implementation of SuccessFactors as corporate (10 countries) HR Support platform for Progress Management, Recruitment and Onboarding, Learning, Succession & Development, Compensation and HR Analytics, in accordance with the corporate Agile Transformation program “Da Vinci”. 

The key responsibilities included: 

  • Corporate functional and technical (integration) architecture

  • Contract negotiations with the platform supplier and the implementation partner

  • Implementation strategy and -methodology

  • Program management including planning, budget control, risk management and test coordination

  • Consultation and negotiation with local HR departments, executive committee and internal IT Management

Project goals

  • Selection of and collaboration with external implementation partners

  • Optimize functional processes and technical architecture 

  • Implement new and optimized processes on the selected platforms

  • Ensure buy-in from end-users, management and HR

  • Increase overall efficiency in using HRIS tools and platforms 

Technologies & methodologies used

  • Design of an appropriate program governance structure

  • Readiness assessments, inspiration sessions and focus interviews

  • Stakeholder management including change management

  • SAP, SuccesFactors, Ortec Workforce Scheduling and Power BI

Project flow

  • In-depth interviews and assessment of current HR processes 

  • Program (and constituting projects) management, including planning and budgeting

  • Public tendering for external platforms and implementation partners

  • Functional and technical architecture optimization

  • Business analysis: design of new and optimized processes based on vanilla-capabilities of the selected platforms

  • Test design and coordination

  • Communication/training


  • Clear program/project breakdown and implementation timeline

  • Partnership with several external suppliers/ implementation partners

  • Optimization and digitization of HR processes and platforms increasing employee and manager satisfaction (including ESS/MSS capabilities)

  • Data quality improvement and enhanced reporting capabilities

  • Delivery of actionable and measurable results 

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