Whistleblower Disclosure

In compliance with the Belgian Whistleblower Protection law of November 28, 2022 and the Whistleblowers Directive 2019/1937 of the European Parliament, Trilations has established an internal reporting point for whistleblowers.

Who can be a whistleblower?

Any natural person who, within or (to a limited extent) outside a work-related context, identifies breaches of European Union law with the aim of exposing misconduct, enjoying legal protection against reprisals or retaliatory measures.

Individuals within the work-related context include:

  • (Former) employees

  • Applicants

  • Shareholders, directors, managers

  • Volunteers

  • Paid or unpaid interns

  • Freelancers or independent contractors

  • Anyone working under the supervision and direction of (sub-)contractors and suppliers

Individuals outside the work-related context include:

  • Facilitators

  • Third parties connected to the whistleblower who may become victim of reprisals

  • Legal entities connected to the whistleblower in a work-related context

What concerns or violations can be reported?

Reports can be made about both actual and potential breaches of Belgian whistleblower law or the EU Whistleblowers Directive, including any attempts to conceal such violations. The scope of reportable issues extends to:

  1. Public procurement

  2. Financial services, products, and markets, prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing

  3. Product safety and product conformity

  4. Transportation safety

  5. Environmental protection

  6. Radiation protection and nuclear safety

  7. Food and feed safety, health and welfare of animals

  8. Public health

  9. Consumer protection

  10. Protection of personal privacy and personal data (GDPR), and security of network and information systems

  11. Combating tax fraud

  12. Combating social fraud

  13. Financial interests of the European Union

  14. Breaches related to the European internal market

  15. Discrimination or racism

  16. Harassment, intimidation, or inappropriate behavior

How to report concerns or violations?

If you want to report a concern or violation, you can do this:

  • via our whistleblower's hotline: whistleblowing@trilations.com

    • Send over the following information:

      • Case subject (see list above)

      • Case information (incident date, time, place, description)

      • (Optional) attachments

      • (Optional) name and/or contact details

  • via a physical meeting on request of the whistleblower

Within seven days of receiving a report, the whistleblower will receive a confirmation email with a unique identification number. Within three months of confirming receipt, the whistleblower will be notified of the decision or results of the investigation. In more intricate cases, an extension of the investigation period, up to an additional three months, may be communicated.

What protection does a whistleblower have?

Trilations provides comprehensive protection for whistleblowers, ensuring:

  • confidentiality: whether reporting through internal or external channels, individuals have the flexibility to disclose their name or remain anonymous. In either case, we guarantee the confidentiality of the whistleblower's identity and that of third parties at all times. All individuals involved in processing a report are bound by strict confidentiality obligations.

  • anti-retaliation: whistleblowers are continuously safeguarded against any form of retaliation.

  • personal data protection: adhering to GDPR regulations, we rigorously secure received information, ensuring that no unauthorized personnel has access to it.