Aiming for a healthy environment for children

The members of the Trilations CSR team encouraged their fellow colleagues to aid De Vlinderkens in their mission. That is, to create a healthy environment for children who live in difficult situations and whose parents are in need of guidance. By vote it was decided that Trilations’ employees would exchange their yearly corporate gifts. Instead of having a holiday gift, this year, Trilations would use the money to raise a funding for De Vlinderkens. By supporting this wonderful initiative, De Vlinderkens is able to provide better living conditions for the children they have taken under their wing. For example being able to fund an holiday trips, buying educational materials and office equipment.

Our consultants Eleni Meeus, Jonas Van de Venster and Kevin Garitte were happy to be able to present our contribution in person to Ilse Teigeler from De Vlinderkens.

The organization behind De Vlinderkens

The organization “Onze thuis” (“Our home”) is driven by the goal of helping young people in difficult situations. Over the years they grew to become a small-scale support center within special youth care. The core mindset behind their activities is that people have the power to reshape and further shape their own living situation. That is why their assistance is based on the indissoluble bond between parents and children. Every situation has to be approached uniquely.

What do De Vlinderkens do?

At De Vlinderkens (the name of the house the children live in) various forms of assistance are being provided. They have rooms for 11 young people (boys and girls between 12 and 18 years), and 1 studio. But besides that the organization also guides 13 families at home and provides guidance for young people (17 to 21 yrs) who wish to live alone. Visit their website (in Dutch) to find out more.

De Vlinderkens 

De Vlinderkens house

Radio station Studio Brussel visited de Vlinderkens

Watch a short video about it (Dutch)

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