The Energy & Utilities sector has undergone significant changes in the past 20 years, and we at Trilations have played a crucial role in this evolution. Over the past two decades, our consultants have helped energy companies adapt their processes, navigate complex business challenges, improve operations, and drive growth. Amongst others we provided key assistance in the implementation of data and information exchanges between key participants on the Belgian energy markets (Mig6) and we performed key market research for the Belgian Energy sector as a whole. In this article, we take a closer look at our history and our changing role in the Energy & Utilities sector.

Established in 2001, Trilations saw a growing recognition of the importance of process consultancy in the energy sector. The sector was becoming increasingly complex, and companies were looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve. Since day one our consultants helped energy companies to modernize their operations, implement new technologies, and improve their processes. This resulted in increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction. This also helped establish our name within the industry. Our inhouse knowledge and our ability to train and guide junior colleagues quickly made us a household name in the sector.


The 2010s brought about a new era in process consultancy in the energy sector. With the rise of digital technologies, our consultants began to more and more focus on helping our clients adopt new digital tools and processes. This included implementing new software systems, automating manual processes, and leveraging big data to make better-informed decisions. This way we helped energy companies to improve their operational performance, increase their competitiveness, and meet the growing demands of a changing energy landscape. The period of 2010 to 2020 also saw a marked growth of employees within Trilations. As a trusted partner for most stakeholders (retailers, distribution grid operators and transmission grid oprerators, regulators, ….) of the energy sector in Belgium we grew our consultant base to 50 consultants.


Today, we even expanded to the water sector and the role of Trilations and of our consultants in the Energy & Utilities sector continues to evolve and we continue to play a critical role in the industry. Facing new challenges, including the shift to renewable energy sources and the increasing demand for sustainable operations we continue to work closely with our clients to help them navigate these challenges and position themselves and their processes for success in the coming years. We realize the number and the complexity of the challenges our clients face has steadily increased. This is why at Trilations we also increased the number of expert consultants we have available to assist to almost 80.


In conclusion, the past 20 years in the Energy & Utilities sector have been marked by significant change and growth. And we are now one of the leading Energy & Utilities business consulting companies in Belgium with an excellent reputation at our customers. Trilations has played a critical role in helping Energy & Utilities companies navigate new business challenges, improve operations, and drive growth. As the energy sector continues to evolve, it is clear that our consultants will remain a vital part of its success.


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A challenge is the perfect occasion to transform a problem into an opportunity
Frank Sels Account Manager
The increasement in decentralised green energy production, the electrification of transport and available technologies create many opportunities for energy platforms.
Alex Curtoud Consultant Utilities
Our aim is to be the preferred business partner of our customers, by providing innovative, added value services with our committed consultants.
Luc Janssens CEO

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