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23 Jan


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About Trilations

Trilations is a consultancy company, dedicated to assist companies to translate their company strategy in effective processes and to streamline organizations and supporting systems, thus maximizing stakeholder value and setting the adequate basis for benchmark business performance.

Perfect solutions for your business

One of the focus domains at Trilations is Business Optimization. Below you can find a case study of one of our projects.

CRM/PPM/ERP Platform Transformation Project

For a world-leading R&D and innovation hub in nano-electronics and digital technologies we performed a CRM/PPM/ERP transformation project.

As a fast-growing organization our client decided to revise its technology landscape and perform a future platform selection for CRM/PPM/ERP supported by an RFI process to gain insight from the market of ICT integrators. 

Trilations was called upon to develop the blueprint of this transformation program. We not only assisted in  defining the target operating model, IT architecture design principles and the implementation roadmap, we also harmonized the To-Be business processes according to industry standards.

Furthermore, we documented and aligned the Integrated Circuit design and development process for smart electronics in the context of an ISO quality audit.

Trilations was also directly involved in the final software vendor selection, including RFI, RFP, demo and contracting.

Our business analysts were able to develop the blueprint, select the right tooling and  optimize the procedures involved over a period of 8 months. We delivered an optimized To-Be analysis and a clear roadmap for the external implementation partner to follow, ensuring a successful transition for our client.

Project goals

  • Future platform selection for CRM/PPM/ERP 

  • Harmonization of To-Be business processes aligned to industry standards

  • software vendor selection, including RFI, RFP, demo and contracting.

  • Set up a roadmap for implementation

Technologies & methodologies used

  • Focus interviews

  • Workshops

  • Agile approach

  • ERP Solution MS Dynamics

Project flow

  • In-depth interviews with internal stakeholders

  • Demonstration of the strategic value case, definition of the target operating model and the design principles

  • Confirmation of the technology platform choice, target architecture and implementation roadmap


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