Key business questions

The rapidly changing environment in healthcare requires companies to re-evaluate their current business and operational models in order to find answers for a number of key questions. Trilations supports its customers in finding the answers to those questions. We listed these challenges below.

  • Patient centricity

    How to…

    • Provide more value for patients and their caregivers?
    • Become a more patient centric company?
    • Ensure the fundamentals of being patient centric are set?
    • Define the key drivers of patient experience?
    • Integrate the patient into a successful leadership strategy?
    • Measure the effect of patient experience on prescription behaviour?
  • Leadership team

    How to…

    • prepare for the digital transformation?
    • gain company & brand leadership?
    • become more customer & patient centric?
    • become a trusted partner of society?
    • install relevant & measurable metrics?
  • Commercial excellence

    How to…

    • win/grow in competitive markets?
    • create value with AI and machine learning?
    • make every product launch a success?
    • effectively (re-)allocate resources?
    • optimise the OmniChannel mix?
  • Medical affairs

    How to…

    • ensure scientific launch readiness?
    • evolve to scientific leadership?
    • become more investigator centric?
    • contribute to the overall company goals?
    • optimally allocate limited resources?
    • effectively bridge science & commercial?
  • Research & development

    How to…

    • become the most trusted scientific partner?
    • become the preferred trial partner?
    • provide more value for patients?
    • accelerate trial execution?
  • OmniChannel team

    How to…

    • design customer journeys that address unmet needs?
    • discover the most impactful and preferred channels?
    • create an optimal channel mix?
    • prepare your budget to create the journeys & the mix?
    • identify one single metric to measure our omnichannel performance vs. competition
  • Product launch team

    How to…

    • set up the right launch strategy based on the brand profile?
    • lead-in (pre-)launch trial performance?
    • identify the leverage points coming out of the patient journey?
    • set-up your competitive landscape?
    • identify all critical stakeholders and customer segments?
    • design the optimal go-to-market and messaging strategy?

Leadership through customer centricity

The aim of this service is to guide and assist our customers to evolve to a leading position in their market. This leading position can be: market share leadership (looking from the commercial side) scientific leadership (looking from the clinical/medical side)

By using superior analytics (both human and machine) and facilitating the combination of decision making and action taking within cross-functional teams, we co-create the winning strategies of tomorrow. This unique approach to design winning strategies is proven and demonstrated by our worldwide success cases.

Discover our Pharma Customer-Centricity Index study

Omni-channel customer engagement strategies

Omni-channel customer engagement strategies

One of the main goals in every customer-centric strategy is to build strong relationships with relevant customers. This requires valued & sufficient interactions that address the need of your customer and provide experiences that differentiate yourself from the competition.

We support our customers in designing impactful interaction strategies (combining medical and commercial via digital or face-to-face) that drive relationships and engagement. We use a unique set of frameworks, tools and analytics to co-create an interaction strategy to bring the right message at the right moment to the most relevant stakeholders in a personalized way using the most effective and economical content and channel mix.

Product launch / market entry strategy

The old saying also holds true when your customers meet your product: the first impression is the most important one. New product launches are among the most important business events, they can define the success or failure of your brand or franchise.

Although every product launch is unique, Trilations helps its customers by developing a tailor-made (re-)entry strategy for their brand or portfolio that leads to success.

We use a proven approach by which we identify the market potential and patient pathway, develop a market segmentation, define a go-to-market, next to a positioning and communication strategy. We do this all in close co-operation with your team and by using superior analytics. We can go even one step further and provide in-house trainings.

Product launch / market entry strategy
Two sister children playing with colored balloons at sunset.

Patient-centric strategies

More empowered patients encourages companies to put ‘the patient’ even more on the forefront, developing strategies that aim to provide them the best experience by an open and sustained engagement throughout the entire care-pathway.

Trilations patient centricity offering aims to deliver solid metrics and insights in the true impact of your patient centric strategies. Using Trilations proven analytics, the most relevant focus areas can be identified to steer decision-making and concrete action planning. This allows us to co-create together with your cross-functional teams future-proof strategies prioritizing in which patient services or solutions to successfully invest in.

Trilations has a mentality that is truly inclusive and collaborative: we never get “impossible” as an answer and recommendations are always good.
Director, Investigator Engagement Strategy, in the Clinical Insights & Experience team Global R&D
Trilations always proactively comes to the table to try and sort things out. Not a lot of companies do that. Trilations really understands what we’re trying to do and they’re a true partner.
Global Business Insights Director EMEA
Trilations? In one word: smooth. Good timing, fast pick-up of questions, a flexible attitude and an outstending level of output.
Business Insights Manager EMEA
The success of the collaboration between the Global Commercial Insights Team and Trilations is the willingness to invest in each other. We have a partnership model that walks a learning journey together to find out what the best way is to deploy strategies.
Vice-President Global R&D
I appreciate the flexibility of Trilations and the time they take to apply and explain the methodology to make sure that correct insights are generated and we can draw the right conclusions.
Director, Investigator Engagement Strategy, in the Clinical Insights & Experience team Global R&D
Working with Trilations brings a tremendous competitive advantage to the table. Working with the Trilations team during the workshops, disclosing all the embedded knowledge that the Trilations teams has obtained through the years helps to drive decisions. Working with the Trilations team is very comfortable and they bring a real competitive advantage.
VP and Commercial Excellence Leader LATAM
When it comes to investment, you’re not always in the position to say “I can invest more and better than my competitor everywhere”, so you have to pick what your priorities should be and where your investments make more sense. When it comes to that granularity, Trilations’ recommendations are absolutely a critical component.
Medical Affairs Director EMEA
The Trilations team is awesome: they are flexible to work with logistically but they have also been truly strategic partners on working with us on the brands. The way they gathered and presented the customer data allowed us to make better decisions on how to move forward.
Director, Business Insights & Commercial Development LATAM
Trilations always proactively comes to the table to try and sort things out. Not a lot of companies do that. Trilations really understands what we’re trying to do and they’re a true partner.
Global Business Insights Director EMEA
What makes the work of Trilations extremely interesting to us, is that for the first time ever, different components of our company, which before had been separated, were integrated from the perspective of the customer.
Medical Affairs Director EMEA
Trilations has been working with us for a long time that they really understand our needs. They really know how to present data, how to focus on the important things. They know the market and understand the differences between different markets.
Business Insights Head EMEA
“We are committed to serving the North American and LATAM markets from our new US office. Our unique expertise in fact-based HCP insights, applied in various frameworks across the entire pharma and medical device life cycle, help your brand and company succeed!”
Bradley Tritle General Manager Americas
Questions about our expertise? Struggling with a specific challenge? I am at your service to help you find / talk about the best solution.
Hendrik Verplancke Sales Director
Our aim is to be the preferred business partner of our customers, by providing innovative, added value services via engaged consultants.
Johan Vermeiren CEO
“Trilations is possibly one of the best companies to combine Marketing Research and Consulting, with a well balanced Bottom-Up and Top-Down approach. where we can make business impact with fact-based decisions.”
Korkut Bilgin General Manager Japan & Asia Pacific

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