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Decisions Delivered

By using our industry knowledge and advanced analytical skills, we provide you insights for making the right DECISIONS and co-creating winning strategies.

Since a strategy is only as good as its implementation, we also provide program management, organizational transformation and performance management skills to DELIVER the benefits of an endorsed strategy.


Value Delivered

Our service portfolio

Market strategy

What is the use of running if you are not on the right road

Trilations develops future-oriented market or customer strategies to realize growth, increase competitiveness or to maximize efficiencies. Together with your multi-disciplinary team, and based on solid business insights, we co-create the winning strategy of tomorrow.

Organizational Transformation

Management works in the system. Leadership works on the system.

Shaping your organization to address a changing business context and mobilizing it towards a renewed ambition is a second set of services that Trilations offers you. We ensure that the underlying structures and mind-sets are in place to realize the strategy.


We welcome new talent!

Open jobs

Join the Trilations team

There are a number of good reasons to apply for a position and join our team:

  1. Trilations is a young, dynamic and growing consulting company, where you are in the driver’s seat of your career. You grow in experience and responsibility in a collegial and stimulating environment.
  2. We deliver challenging projects for well-known companies. Each of our projects delivers clear added value. The range of projects is very broad: from strategy development, to tactical programs, to systems implementation.
  3. You are not alone in a project – you are part of a stimulating Trilations team! Professional mentoring and (on-the-job) coaching are provided, delivering extra value to customers and accelerating your personal learning curve.
  4. Our proposed salary and benefits package is very competitive and complete, including an insurance package and a company car.