Process and Performance

We think that continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.

Adapting your organization to a continuously evolving world to sustain your success is a third set of services Trilations offers. In close cooperation with your teams on all levels, we improve the efficiency of your operations and install indicators to measure its effectiveness.

Business Process Management

  • Based on an assessment of your current process management maturity, we assist you in designing your Business Process Management system. We define a step-by-step roadmap adapted to your organization’s needs and resources. A clear BPM strategy and governance framework are important aspects of our approach and will allow you to manage change in an organized way.
  • To cope with a constantly evolving environment, it is vital to adapt your business processes accordingly – not only to improve efficiency, but also to keep your processes aligned with your strategy. We provide methodology (including Lean, Six Sigma), training and resources to analyze and improve your organization’s processes.
  • Our consultants work with a large number of process modelling tools. If necessary, we assist you in selecting and implementing the best tool for your needs.

Corporate Performance Management

  • Performance management is more than dashboards with measurements. It’s about measures that are in line with the strategy and the overall goals you want to achieve and a management approach that is integrated on all levels within the organization.
  • Based on your overall goals, Trilations can help you define KPIs on all organizational levels (using the Balanced Scorecard as a possible framework). Taking your organization’s performance maturity into account, our consultants can assist in integrating the performance management cycle in your management meetings. Together we create a clear and realistic roadmap for implementation.
  • Visualization using dashboards makes it possible to provide everybody with the right information at the right time. Interpreting the measurements leads to better decision-making and improvements – which, after evaluation, prioritization and implementation, will take you to your goals.
  • Assuring the quality of the data used in measuring and managing your performance is crucial, but often forgotten. KPIs based on the wrong data lead to wrong decisions. If required, Trilations can help you select the right support tools in this area as well.

Risk management & Internal control

  • Framework for Risk management & Internal control:

    We assist your organisation in designing and implementing a framework for risk management & internal control. Our approach is based on established frameworks like COSO, but above all we focus on a obtaining a realistic and pragmatic approach that takes into account your organisations needs and resources.

  • Risk Management training & coaching:

    Trilations has developed a set of training courses & coaching sessions, aiming to develop the necessary competences for internal control & risk management. We spend a lot of time on practical exercises and we provide templates to support the participants in their future risk management assignments.

  • Risk management tools:

    Next to our templates, we can provide tools to support the organisation in identifying, analysing and managing its risks in an efficient way. This allows you to set up an integrated management framework by linking risks, processes, goals,…

Business Analysis

  • Well performed business analysis has the potential to become the central discipline for defining creative solutions for business & change and ensuring that solutions meet business needs. To do this Business analysts have to possess the skills and experience to understand and analyse the business issues and to develop effective responses.
  • Business Analysis framework: We help you in setting-up an analysis approach that is based on proven methodologies and best practices and is adapted to your needs & resources. Together we define methods and techniques to use (UML, BPMN…) and set clear roles & responsibilities, a common terminology, quality standards, analysis templates, …
  • Analysis training & coaching: Trilations has developed a set of training courses & coaching sessions, aiming to develop the necessary analysis competences. We explore the skills, knowledge and abilities inherent to each competence to make sure the efficiency of your analysts can be improved.
  • Analysis tools: When used correctly and with discipline an analysis tool can be a huge added value for an organization. Knowledge is shared & available when teams change and is stored centrally and secure. The use of a common language and method can be enforced. The impact of changes can be easily and quickly assessed, thus increasing the agility of the organization.
    Trilations can support you in choosing & implementing an analysis tool which is most appropriate for your organisation.