Market strategy

What is the use of running if you are not on the right road

Developing future-oriented market and customer strategies is one of our main service lines.

Together with your multi-disciplinary team, and based on solid business insights, we co-create your winning strategy of tomorrow – whether it is to go for growth, to increase competitiveness, or to maximize efficiencies.

One thing is for sure, every strategy is unique and tailor-made. It can be developed for your company as well as for your brands, and it can be directed to a wide variety of stakeholders. But most of all, every strategy that we develop is based on deep market insights and is the result of strong team co-operation.

Here are a number of market strategy services we can provide to you:

Go-to-market strategies

  • The old saying also holds true when your customers meet your product: the first impression is very important. So, new product launches are among the most important business events – they can define the success or failure of your business.
  • Trilations can prepare this moment together with you. We can help you develop a market entry strategy or construct a re-launch strategy for one of your brands or portfolios.
  • We use a proven process by which we identify the market potential, develop a market segmentation, define a positioning and a communication strategy – all in close co-operation with your team.

Customer loyalty and experience management

  • Loyal customers are among a company’s most valuable assets.
  • At Trilations, we use the Net Promotor Score to measure customer loyalty. But we measure more. In our opinion, it’s not enough just to know where you are – it’s more important to know what you need to improve to become more customer-centric.
  • Trilations can also assist and guide you in adapting your organization, metrics and operations to take one of the key steps towards a client-oriented future.

Company reputation

  • Many industries and companies have faced challenges to their image and reputation. Trust in the company or industry is sometimes very low. Therefore, we help you measure and improve your company image and your corporate communications, and to renew corporate values to go beyond brand benefits.
  • Your corporate image will be defined across the stakeholder population and compared to industry benchmarks.
  • Trilations goes further than positioning your corporate reputation among your main competitors – we also identify what defines your reputation in order to develop actionable strategies to improve it.

Multi-channel interaction strategies

  • New stakeholder interaction models will need to provide more organizational effectiveness and greater cost-efficiencies.
  • Effectiveness will mainly be driven by customer preferences and relevant content – efficiency by the use of digital channels.
  • Trilations has designed a solution that enables you to bring the right message to the most relevant stakeholders in a personalized way, using the most effective and economical channel mix for interaction.

Advanced analytics

  • Deep market insights, customer understanding, future market evolutions and competitive intelligence are essential elements in defining and evaluating a successful market strategy.
  • Our advanced analytic capabilities will help you better understand the market, discover the real business drivers, and identify the areas to focus on to differentiate from the competition. Because we take business analytics very seriously, we’ve installed a center of excellence in Trilations to assist you with your advanced analytics challenges. We can provide these services on- or off-site to unlock the wealth of impactful business insights within your datasets or to create (predictive) models to explain how business events or measurements are connected.


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