Spring Conference Series

Close to you… It is one of Trilations’ most important beliefs.
As Spring is coming we are spreading our wings to live up to our beliefs: in the next few weeks we will be attending a series of pharma conferences and we are looking forward to meet you there.

The first opportunity to connect is at Pharma CI Europe in Paris on February 18 & 19. This event offers insights and expertise on the topics we care about and we are keen to learn more about the most pressing, relevant issues facing the competitive intelligence community.

Between 1st and 3th of March we will be attending Digital Pharma Europe in Cheshire (near Manchester, UK). The main reason for our presence at this conference is the closer look at certain trends as the centricity model, the role of data insights, etc.

Our last stop in the series is the 14th edition of Eye for Pharma Barcelona mid-March (15-17). Our interest and focus for this happening lies on commercial excellence, patient engagement and innovation in which we have gained extensive experience over the years.

These 3 events also seem excellent chances to gather up.
So, don’t hesitate to contact us to get together and talk about the industry challenges on one of these occasions.

Looking forward to see you!


Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016 Results

Market strategy

What is the use of running if you are not on the right road
Trilations develops future-oriented market or customer strategies to realize growth, increase competitiveness or to maximize efficiencies. Together with your multi-disciplinary team, and based on solid business insights, we co-create the winning strategy of tomorrow.

Organizational Transformation

Management works in the system. Leadership works on the system.
Shaping your organization to address a changing business context and mobilizing it towards a renewed ambition is a second set of services that Trilations offers you. We ensure that the underlying structures and mind-sets are in place to realize the strategy.

Process and Performance

We think that continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.
Adapting your organization to a continuously evolving world to sustain your success is a third set of services Trilations offers. In close cooperation with your teams on all levels, we improve the efficiency of your operations and install indicators to measure its effectiveness.