Reputation management

Creating or maintaining trust in the company or industry is sometimes very challenging.

Trilations supports its customers to measure and improve their company image and corporate communications. This image will be measured across the stakeholder population and compared to industry benchmarks.

Using fact-based insights and superior analytics, Trilations goes further than positioning your corporate reputation among your main competitors – we also identify what defines your reputation in order to develop actionable strategies with your cross-functional team to improve it.


Physician and patient segmentation

Our aim is to assist our customers in defining a number of actionable segments or customer groups within their market. Actionability is key, given our observation that too many segmentation exercises remain unused. We differentiate ourselves in two ways.

First: the advanced and fact-based techniques we use to cut the customer universe into a number of distinct, recognizable and actionable customer segments is unique and highly effective. Second: the customer segments and their priority, together with the messaging & communication strategy by segment, are co-created with the responsible cross-functional team via a proven approach, ensuring endorsement and implementation.

Field force allocation and optimisation

The field force is by far one of the most effective (but also one of the most expensive) go-to-market instruments. Correct use of the field force provides huge leverage to the success of the company/business unit.

To allocate and optimise the field force (which can include both commercial and medical) Trilations developed a set of tools (as part of a broader approach) to simulate/optimise the field force allocation within or cross therapeutical areas within a company, taking multiple customer groups into account.

Additionally, an assessment of the field force can be performed to identify improvement areas for the group or the individual. This assessment can be regarding targeting, alignment with company goals and brand values, customer interaction performance, etc.

“The big advantage is their extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, their solid analytical skills, and excellent project execution and follow-up, which contribute to successful implementations.”
"I have been working with Trilations over the past 5 years in both the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in the medical devices industry. I value the partnership they strive to build with their clients, their commitment to customer satisfaction and their strategic thinking."
“Are ‘business insight’ and ‘insight into business’ synonyms? And is ‘strategy formulation’ always followed by ‘strategy implementation’? Normally not, but at Trilations they are!
Trilations is a great strategic partner! They are very flexible and accommodating in meeting client needs, they are very knowledgeable about the therapeutic areas in the studies, and they are able to leverage recommendations and insights across regions. I am looking forward to working with them on building even more comprehensive action plans and developing ways to measure the impact that decisions from the workshops have on the business.
“Janssen Australia and New Zealand has been using the customer loyalty model for 12 months and already we are seeing the benefits in improved market share across key brands. The strength of the framework is that it highlights the key area of focus that will differentiate our brands vs. competition and is underpinned by customer insight.
Questions about our expertise? Struggling with a specific challenge? I am at your service to help you find / talk about the best solution.
Hendrik Verplancke Sales Director
Our dedicated team of market strategy experts combines in-depth industry knowledge, advanced analytic & team mobilization skills to deliver high added value in all your analytical and strategic projects.
Joeri De Haes Director Japan & Asia Pacific
Our aim is to be the preferred business partner of our customers, by providing innovative, added value services via engaged consultants.
Johan Vermeiren CEO

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