Our Project Management approach is based on proven industry standards combined with the best practices of our project management experts. We manage different types of projects from initiation to hand-over, or at any stage in between.


We can help you with

Implementing new or redefined processes

Collaborate with external implementation partners to roll out new software

Organizing trainings and workshops for (key)users

Status update meetings

Timeline and budget management

Capacity Planning

Organization and planning

Supplier negotiations


One of the most important parts of any project is right at the start, it is ensuring you choose the right project management type. Every project management methodology is different, nevertheless, they all ultimately aim for the same result; a successfully completed project.

At Trilations, we understand how important this decision is and we ensure the project management methodology we use is adapted to each specific client and their project.

> Waterfall

> Agile

> Scrum

> Six Sigma


> Hybrid

Change Management

Each project will involve change. The result you envision are set and the path towards achieving them can be planned by setting up milestones, testing and ultimately final delivery. But, let us not forget the people who are impacted by the project. These are not only the people directly working on the project, but also the employees who will be impacted by the final results of the project.

To ensure your employees know what will happen, how it will happen and when it will happen, our project managers don’t only focus on the hard milestones, but also on the soft ones. They establish buy-in from your employees and explain how the change will impact them. This is just as important as achieving your project milestones. Without one, you won’t get the other.

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