This podcast is part of our Pharma Customer-Centricity index (PCCI). This annual global survey amongst physicians reveals how customer-centric top pharmaceutical companies are perceived and what the impact is of Customer-Centricity on these companies’ performance.

Before you start listening, make sure to also check out our PCCI Focus Group to truly understand what Customer-Centricity means for the most important stakeholders, the Patients. This focus group will be mentioned a couple of times during our chat.

With this podcast, we wish to give you an overview of the main takeaways out of PCCI 2020. That’s why we have invited two of our Customer-Centricity experts, Didier Dierckx & Björn Van Loy. They will look at Customer-Centricity in pharma from their field of expertise, being omnichannel Customer Engagement and innovation/advanced analytics respectively.

We have divided the full podcast into different part based on the main topics discussed. Please find the full recording first, then the different parts in which we touch every topic.

  • Burning topics within Customer-Centricity
  • The main challenges within Customer-Centricity
  • The correct way to measure Customer-Centricity
  • Including patients when measuring Customer-Centricity
  • Other initiatives

The Pharma Customer-Centricity Index Podcast

Full recording



1. Burning topics within Customer-Centricity in Pharma

Traditionally, the Physician has been considered the most important customer. But we see that the Patient is finally gaining importance in today’s market. This is a crucial trend with consequences for pharma companies. How to include patients as main stakeholders?

2. The challenges for pharma in Customer-Centricity

Pharma is slowly adapting to address the needs of its customers. It is using digital platforms more and more. Because of COVID19, the transformation towards digital is happening way more quickly than before. Does this mean these changes are here to stay after COVID19? Another challenge that pharma can’t overlook, is the fact that not all physicians want more digital communication. It is up to pharma to convince this group, and what better way to do this, than offering relevant information via these digital channels.


3. How do you measure and assess Patient-Centricity

“The patient” is not an isolated individual, he/she lives in a community. It is not enough to look at the care path of the patient. You must, for example, also look at the communication between patient – hospital/doctor/caregiver.


4. Who should take the lead in providing info for the patient

Patients prefer a holistic approach in which all parties work together to improve the life of the patient. Physicians see this more a linear approach. They believe to be the gateway between pharma and patient. In an ideal world, pharma works together to provide the best possible information for the physicians and the patients. In reality, we see that 3rd party websites bring together this info on certain treatment areas.


5. To which level should we integrate the voice of the patient in patient centricity

The voice of the patient (and patient advocacy groups) is becoming more critical and impactiful. It makes a lot of sense to take this voice into account when studying Patient-Centricity.


6. Trilations’ contribution to Pharma Customer-Centricity. What’s next?

At Trilations, Customer-Centricity is at the core of everything we do. That’s also the reason why we started the Pharma Customer-Centricity Index: provide insights in how you can serve your customers better?

Björn Van Loy

Head of Advanced Analytics & guest speaker at our PCCI podcast

Contact Björn

Didier Dierckx

Head of Omnichannel & guest speaker at our PCCI podcast

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Matthijs Mertens

Senior Consultant & mediator of our PCCI podcast

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