The patient

Throughout the entire care pathway patients (and their caregivers) are becoming more vocal and informed stakeholders due to continuous digital innovations, easier access to medical product information and their personal experiences. As a result patient needs and experiences are playing an even more prominent role in the treatment choices of physicians and it encourages pharma companies to put ‘the patient’ even more in the center of their business decisions. Acknowledging this evolution, Trilations integrated patient centricity metrics in its general leadership offering and keeps exploring new services to support companies in how to optimize patient experience in the future.

Patient centricity

Patient-centric strategies aim to provide patients with the best experience and treatment outcomes by an open and sustained engagement throughout the entire care pathway. In this view companies are developing services/programs and/or solutions to positively improve the patient’s personal experience. The success of being patient centric depends on how strong patients endorse treatments towards physicians and how positively they perceive the patient experience offered by various companies. Therefore, organizations need to well understand how their patient-centric strategies affect patient experience and the treatment choices of physicians.

Trilations services

Aside from integrating patient centricity metrics into the Trilations leadership framework, Trilations also offers a stand-alone service that allows companies to track and steer their patient-centric strategies. In this focused methodology, physicians are questioned about what they think of the patient experience offering of various companies within the market. Standing out as a successful patient-centric company requires a 3-step approach that includes:

  1. Active engagement with patients
  2. Showing proven value for the patients
  3. Supporting a good patient-physician/care interaction

First, building strong engagement with the patient population through awareness campaigns, close collaborations with patients associations and an active role on events. Second, showing a clear proof of value for the patient. This entails providing services or programs that help to improve treatment outcomes for patients, the overall quality of care and facilitates access for patients to the healthcare system. Finally, when a solid foundation is established, offering solutions that help to improve the patient-physicians interactions and facilitate direct information sharing will further drive a positive patient experience.

Trilations patient centricity offering aims to deliver solid metrics and insights in the true impact of your patient-centric strategies. Using Trilations’ proven analytics, the most relevant focus areas can be identified to steer decision-making and concrete action planning. This allows us to co-create together with your cross-functional teams, future-proof strategies and prioritize which patient services or solutions to successfully invest in.


Trilations Pharma Customer Centricity Index 2022

Are you a leader in patient and physician centricity?

Patient-Centricity Focus Group

To truly understand what customer-centricity means for the most important stakeholders, the patients, we sat down and listened to them in a US focus group.

Four patient advocates and three leading specialists shared their view with us regarding patient-centricity and what this means in their daily lives. What is their definition of being customer-centric within pharma, what are the best practices and unmet needs, etc.


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