Key takeaways from the BA & Beyond Conference 2022

  By our Senior Consultant Maarten Vansteenbeeck


As one of the main sponsors, Trilations attended the BA & Beyond conference 2022. BA & Beyond is a great forum for networking with fellow business analysts and offers very interesting new takes on the field of Business Analysis and refreshing insights on Data Driven Analysis.


We’d love to share some of our key takeaways;


During the conference we got a preview of the Agile Contract Manifesto, which aims at bringing an Agile approach to contracting with both external and internal clients and suppliers. The focus of this Manifesto is to make contracts focus on tangible outcomes, to ensure clarity, to establish adaptive partnerships and to enable joint ownership.

We also had a look at how to use the Tuckman’s Team Development Model, The Kubler Ross model and  Kolb’s Learning Cycle to enable a Business Analyst to move from ‘facilitating requirements’ to really ‘facilitating change’. Using these models enables you to understand and capture team dynamics and to offer the right support to individual team members during a change process. This ensures not only the business targets are met, but also the personal wellbeing is ensured.

Next we discussed how to figure out what data you need to present viable recommendations to leadership. We focussed on working with the “data people” to get the right information that helps your decision-making processes and ensures that leadership supports and acts on your recommendations.

The second day of the conference kicked off with an intriguing look on how a Business Analyst can use concepts and ideas from graphic designers and other creative minds to enhance their own project approach. We brainstormed over how to switch things around and use more drawings, graphics and visual aids in the analysis process.

During a panel discussion the question: “Would the world be a better place with business analysis being done by more people?” was tackled. Exploring not only the business world, but also our day-to-day lives, we saw how many Business Analysis techniques are used outside of actual Business Analysis. The BA mindset is present everywhere in the world, though it does take a specific skill to be able to use this mindset in an organized and structured manner.


As always the BA & Beyond conference offered us a unique and refreshing look on the Business Analysis landscape in Belgium and beyond and has given us new and refreshing ideas to improve the service we offer our clients.