In the last decade, pharmaceutical companies have seen rapid changes in the market environment for their new brand launches. While austerity measures in many countries are increasing local and national hurdles for market access, drug launches are becoming more numerous, smaller, and more competitive. It has never been more important for pharmaceutical companies to master the art of launching new products.


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The Content

The course content builds on the expertise and experience that the experts have accumulated over the last 15 years in advising and implementing major product launches in EMEA across major therapy areas: Oncology (incl. Immunotherapy), Immunology, CNS, CVS and Metabolic Disorders. It covers all concepts and evidence-based tools for effective strategic decision- making and planning in the process up to launch, with a focus on what will determine the brand’s commercial success.

The faculty combines academic rigour with best practice within big pharma. Kurt Arco was with MSD (Merck & Co) until recently, where he led several major product launches in many geographical areas and contributed to, and piloted, major marketing & sales excellence projects.

Their company Trilations is a strategy consultancy agency that works closely with most of the major pharmaceutical and medical device companies in more than 40 countries worldwide (e.g. Johnson & Johnson, MSD, Roche, Pfizer, Boston Scientific, …).

Leen is a Customer & Market Strategies Manager at Trilations, a strategy consultancy agency that works closely with most of the major pharmaceutical and medical device companies in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Leen started her carrier at one the global leading consulting companies and developed within Trilations 10 years of experience in advising major pharma companies on Global and European Launch programmes for strategic brands, including Clinical Leadership.

Leen Helsloot supervises and guides the team conducting Launch related market insights projects, focus groups and workshops in different regions and therapy areas. In addition to Launch Excellence, Leen has an expertise in investigator Insights, competitiveness research and segmentation.

The dates

^  25 – 26 June 2019 in London

^  24 – 25 September 2019 in Zurich

^  10 – 11 December 2019 in Brussels

^  18-19 June 2020 in Brussels

^  6-7 October 2020 in Zurich

^ December 2020 in Brussels


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