The global state of customer-centricity in pharma 2021

On June 10, 2021, Trilations CEO Johan Vermeiren presented to Intellus members an overview of results from our 2021 Global Pharma Customer Centricity Index, which also included Omnichannel Interaction Insights and the “new normal.” This presentation focused on US and EU5 results for immunology and oncology/hematology, with a snapshot of the same for Japan, Brazil, China and Australia.

From our analysis, we also yielded insights on the impact of being patient-centric and physician-centric on share, and the impact of harmonized and personalized engagement on being perceived as “best interaction.”
We will continue to provide you with more insights on these important topics for pharma commercial and medical affairs organizations.

If you would like insights focused on your treatment area and geography, reach out to Brad Tritle, General Manager for Trilations in the Americas.

You can view the Intellus webinar presentation below.


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