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At Trilations we are committed to drive social impact and operate in a way that demonstrates social responsibility. We believe that businesses play a blatant role by contributing to make the world run better and improve people’s lives. The Trilations CSR-team raises internal social awareness and sets up long term partnerships with expert non-profit organisations to jointly make a sustainable social impact on our close surroundings.

Offering a carefree vacation for families with a sick child

We are excited to share another mission accomplished in contributing to the wellbeing of those in need in cooperation with the organization Beyond the moon. Starting in 2015, for the past years Trilations donated a carefree vacation for a family with a sick child. This year, the family enjoyed a week full of experiences at Park Molenheide.

"We had a really fun time. We were able to take a break as a family and recharge our batteries. The cook at Park Molenheide was super! He specially prepared things that the kids liked."

The organization behind the engagement - What does beyond the moon do?  

Beyond the Moon believes that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy life. A sick child who can relax and have fun today, together with their family, will be better able to face the battle against the disease tomorrow. Form a carefree family vacation with Beyond the Moon (before or after treatment), the organization tries to ensure to bring joy into their lives, so that they continue the daily battle against the disease.

We want to thank the organization for their valuable contributions and look forward to maintain the cooperation to bring many more relaxing holidays to families in need.


Check out their website for more information and how you can contribute: Home – Beyond the Moon



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