Zenito is a social security organization and part of a larger group. Their main services are: social security fund, supplementary pension, and a starter business one-stop shop. The organization has developed its first initiatives in business intelligence, focusing on: scorecards for executive management, reports and operational dashboards. The quantity and complexity of information within the organization is growing rapidly and impacts a number of Zenito’s systems. Creating reports using data from the different systems is a difficult, not very flexible, and time-consuming activity for IT as well as for the business people. In addition, the security and consistency of data are difficult to achieve in the current Excel-based reporting.
    Zenito wants to become a self-service BI environment, in which IT’s involvement is focused on data consolidation and information consumers can create their own reports and dashboards. A clear future-proof vision was required to realize this goal: Trilations helped develop a prioritized list of initiatives and a roadmap with clear milestones for the first two years.
    Trilations worked in close cooperation with Zenito’s team. The Trilations consultants served as coaches, providing direction in defining the vision and strategy, and assisted the organization in creating the roadmap for implementation. One of the aims was to enable the Zenito team to create future roadmaps and projects without external support.
    Zenito now has a solution in which data for all reports and dashboards is centrally available, consistent and secure and can be used by business users for reports and dashboards, independent of IT. The step-by-step approach gave the organization time to adapt to the changing environment, in which the business creates its own dashboards and reports. A Business Intelligence environment has been designed that offers business users the freedom to analyze the information and the flexibility to create reports themselves.
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