We have presented at Reuters Events Pharma Australia (formerly known as EyeForPharma). We talked about our perspective of omnichannel customer engagement. We see companies shifting very quickly to build competencies and capabilities relative to HCP preferences. But companies are not there yet. One thing is certain though, if you do this in a harmonized omnichannel fashion, you achieve a magnitude of market share performance relative to your competitors. Let us show you how.

Maturity stages

The first thing to take into consideration are the maturity stages in omnichannel. You must know where you are to know what the next steps are. To achieve this personalized model, we will:

  • Look at your commercial and medical engagements touchpoints,
  • Find a way to tap into healthcare practitioners’ preferences,
  • Understand what impact each of these have.

If you want to know the steps you need to take to reach the new level, reach out. We’ll tell you what we would do to bring you to that next level.

Influence on market share

In the image below you see the influence that an omnichannel model can have on your market share. It’s clear as day, the omnichannel method gives you a much higher optimum than any other way. Important here is to realise that this graph differs based on the market and treatment area.

Do you want to know how we can help you to reach an optimum omnichannel way of communication? Reach out. We are more than happy to identify what the optimal frequency level in your market and your treatment area is.

Please note that this is not a hypothetical graph, it is all based on market data.


How do you implement this personalised model into your organization? We compare this journey with the construction of a car. In the picture below you already have a first impression what this journey looks like.

Building the engine

How to create the right infrastructure? We see two clear elements here: Customer Interaction Database & Intelligent Hub.

  • The Customer Interaction Database – Here you find all the direct (CRM activity) & indirect actions (Customer Data Platform) you have with your customer.
  • The Intelligent Hub – Which channels are more impactful; what are your competitors doing, where are you in the market (a leader/follower); etc.

In an ideal world, all this information is combined, machine learning and advanced analytics are applied, and a personalised micro journey is created for each of your customers. It doesn’t stop here, the outcomes of these actions are assessed, so the system keeps on improving based on real data as time moves forward.


In order to install an omnichannel level of communication within your company, you need to build the engine, fuel the engine and drive the car. We have explained, on a high level, how we see step number one. Do you want to know how you can implement these steps into your company?  Reach out. Please feel free to check out the full recording here below.

Full recording

This presentation was given by

Joeri De Haes


David Meacham

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