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At Trilations one of our specializations is business intelligence, such as HR Reporting in Power BI. Our Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Architects and Project Managers give their all to enable you to make the right decisions and to make sure the results of these decisions are delivered.

Our aim is to enhance your revenue, your client satisfaction, your employee satisfaction and your business processes through in-depth analysis, data management and the use of new technologies. We make sure you are ready for the business world of today and tomorrow.

To give you a better understanding of our services we prepared case studies about some of our successes stories. This article talks about the sixth in a series of nine case studies we will publish on our website, giving you a firm idea of what Trilations can realize for your business.

Contact us for more information about these or any other project needs you might have. We would love to discuss them with you.


Project setup

For a client in the public industry we handled the reporting concerning Human Resources in Power BI next to SAP Success Factors People Analytics, the embedded reporting tool.

During the implementation of SAP Success Factors the shortcomings of the embedded reporting tool were quickly discovered. The client decided to use Power BI due to the superior capabilities, such as the possibility for enhanced data mining and analytics, the effective implementation of slowly moving time dimensions and the ease of use. Operational reports would be available in SAP SF People Analytics, but strategical and more complicated operational reports would be developed in Power BI.

Trilations was called upon to facilitate the development of new reports and dashboards and to support the improvement of existing reports in SAP SF People Analytics. Our consultants first performed an in-depth analysis of the possibilities of both apps and of the available data.

In a second phase workshops were organized to discuss HR dashboards and possible KPI’s with the client. New reports to be created based on the technical possibilities of the new platform were identified and described for each existing and future module of SAP Success Factors.

In a third phase C-Data Connector was used to create a connection between SAP SF and Power BI. Data models were set up, data was transformed and loaded in Power BI desktop. Reports were created and validated based on reports in SAP SF PA. Finally, the new apps were implemented in Power BI Service along the way whilst launching new HR modules in SAP SF.

Solutions and results

Project goals

  • Develop new strategical reports and dashboards in the new tooling
  • Set up improved operational reports
  • Validate new reports and dashboards

Technologies & methodologies 

  • Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Service
  • C-Data Connector
  • SAP Success Factors People Analytics

Project flow

  • In-depth analysis of SAP SF People Analytics and Power BI
  • Organize workshops for HR dashboarding
  • Estimate work and duration
  • Plan
  • Connect and create data sets in Power BI
  • Create new reports and dashboards
  • Validate before publication


  • Operational reports in SAP SF People Analytics
  • Extended operational reports, strategical reports and dashboards in Power BI


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If you are interested in more details, want to find out how Trilations can help analyze your performance and drive up the results, please reach out to us. In case you would like to reread the content or share it with your team, feel free to download this case study in PDF format below.



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Case HR reporting in Power BI visual for PDF download website laptop screen on table with data graphs

Case study #6: HR Reporting in Power BI

To give you a better understanding of our services we prepared case studies about some of our successes stories. This article talks about the sixth in a series of nine case studies we will publish on our website, giving you a firm idea of what Trilations can do for your business. The case study focuses on HR Reporting in Power BI for a project in the public industry.



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