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At Trilations one of our specializations is operational transformation, such as HR process optimization. Our Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Architects and Project Managers give their all to enable you to make the right decisions and to make sure the results of these decisions are delivered.

Our aim is to enhance your revenue, your client satisfaction, your employee satisfaction and your business processes through in-depth analysis, data management and the use of new technologies. We make sure you are ready for the business world of today and tomorrow.

To give you a better understanding of our services we prepared case studies about some of our successes stories. This article talks about the fifth in a series of nine case studies we will publish on our website, giving you a firm idea of what Trilations can realize for your business.

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Project setup

For the Port of Antwerp (PoA), we are conducting an HR process optimization project with three main goals:

  1. Optimize both the functional and technical architecture of new and existing HR platform components.
  2. Increase the efficiency and digitization of the HR processes.
  3. Improve the employee HR and management satisfaction with regards to the HR systems and processes.

In a first phase, Trilations assisted with translating PoA’s strategic objectives into a clear program structure. As a vendor-independent partner, we supported PoA in selecting the right implementation partners for the program tracks/projects. During the second phase, the communication and collaboration with the external development partner was entrusted to Trilations. In addition to this we were charged with the business analysis, test coordination and cutover to the production of the developed solutions. In the final phase, we guided the internal adoption of the new procedures by delivering workshops and training.

In less than a year, we were able to reorganize the essential personnel and organizational data management flows (including ESS/MSS capabilities), redesign the (continuous) performance management solution and structure the underlying data sources, enabling easy recurring and ad hoc reporting.

Currently, we are optimizing the talent development life cycle (including the online training platform), rendering the time registration processes more efficient. On top of this we are working out an integral recruitment and onboarding process as well as tackling the mobility and SHEQ-platform implementations.

This ongoing project is set to completely rebuild and optimize the HR experience for the PoA management team, the HR department as well as all the employees.


Solutions and results

Project goals

  • Selection of and collaboration with external implementation partners
  • Optimize functional processes and technical architecture
  • Implement new and optimized processes on the selected platforms
  • Ensure buy-in from end-users, management and HR
  • Increase overall efficiency in using HRIS tools and platforms

Technologies & methodologies 

  • Design of an appropriate program governance structure
  • Readiness assessments, inspiration sessions and focus interviews
  • Stakeholder management including change management
  • SAP, SuccesFactors, Ortec Workforce Scheduling, PowerBI, …

Project flow

  • In-depth interviews and assessment of current HR processes
  • Program (and constituting projects) management, including planning and budgeting
  • Public tendering for external platforms and implementation partners
  • Functional and technical architecture optimization
  • Business analysis: design of new and optimized processes based on vanilla-capabilities of the selected platforms
  • Test design and coordination


  • Clear program/project breakdown and implementation timeline
  • Partnership with several external suppliers/ implementation partners
  • Optimization and digitization of HR processes and platforms increasing employee and manager satisfaction (including ESS/MSS capabilities)
  • Data quality improvement and enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Delivery of actionable and measurable results


Learn more about optimizing HR processes

If you are interested in more details, want to find out how Trilations can help analyze your performance and drive up the results, please reach out to us. In case you would like to reread the content or share it with your team, feel free to download this case study in PDF format below.



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Case study #5: HR process optimization

To give you a better understanding of our services we prepared case studies about some of our successes stories. This article talks about the fifth in a series of nine case studies we will publish on our website, giving you a firm idea of what Trilations can do for your business. The fifth case study focuses on an HR process optimization project at Port of Antwerp.



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