How guided analytics can guide managers in improving KPIs

When analyzing sales reports we see that a lot of those reports are not leading to actionable insights. It takes sales management too much time to find out what to do to improve their sales. A way to improve your reports is to move to effective dashboards supported with guided analytics. Guided analytics have the ability to give clear insights into your business operations allowing you to make more accurate business decisions, which will help you guide your managers in improving their KPIs.

In the following article we used a sales management case to illustrate this showing different maturity stages.

These are the topics we’ll discuss:

  1. Use SMART KPIs as a first step
  2. Understand what guided analytics are
  3. Apply DAR principle to make a guided analytics dashboard


Learn more about guided analytics and improving KPIs

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Guided analytics: How to guide managers in improving KPIs


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