One of the key processes in the pharmaceutical world is the development of new medicines or vaccines. The current situation of the widespread COVID-19 pandemic makes it especially clear how important, but also how complicated it is, to launch a new product. Although new medicines go through many trial processes, checks and even business plan calculations, they still can fail when brought to the market. This is a strange thing, because the success, and even the survival of a pharmaceutical company, depends greatly on the successful execution of a product launch. Because of this reason, Joeri De Haes elaborates on the common pitfalls in pharmaceutical product launches and provides some tips and tricks on how to avoid them.

Joeri De Haes uses his interest in Outer Space to give some examples of past space projects which partly failed because of some missteps in the process of the launch of new satellites and robots. With these examples, he makes the connection to the pharmaceutical world and what the industry can learn from past mistakes.


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