In a previous article, we discussed the importance of standardisation and KPI measurements to create a continuous efficiency increase. Today, we are more and more evolving towards a customer-focused pharma industry, which is why we will discuss the importance of including all of your stakeholders to create continuous optimisation.

Customer experience as a KPI

By questioning how efficiency translates to different areas within your company and taking your competitors into account, you can control complex matters and create more efficiency.

Therefore, in order to get proper guidance on what direction to go for more efficiency, it is essential to not only evaluate your own performance. On top of that, take your competitors’ performance into account as well as your customers’ experience.

Customer-based society

The overall development that makes information more readily available has led to a society where people expect more personalised answers. Which means they’re not only interested anymore in the what, but also in how information is delivered to them.

Dealing with the ambition to become the most reliable company and learning how to deal with new challenges, mostly focuses on the efficiency of just one function, or one process, which is not enough. To be successful, there is a need to evaluate the overall efficacy of the company

Therefore there is a need for unbiased and comparative data evaluating product development, pre-launch and launch processes.

Increasing expectations

Additionally, clinical trial results are now publicly available through various channels shortly after their release. This results in higher engagement with patients and their relatives when it comes to making decisions on treatment choices. The persons involved will expect more information and clarification on their treatment trajectory and events.

Over the years, the complexity of the processes increased as new stakeholders got involved and gained a decision-making role in making clinical products available to patients. This illustrates that in order to be part of the future, it will be essential to have answers according to the expectations of the growing group of stakeholders and influencers.

Trilations is specialised in transformational organisation in the pharma industry.

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