We’re Trilations. And we’re consultants.

Not the greatest pick-up line, is it? Because what is consultancy? Well, at Trilations it means we roll up our sleeves, loosen our flamingo ties and get ready for action. Like a rock band, we shake things up and get business going. We do this for top companies in healthcare, utilities, finance, logistics and more. We even have offices in Japan, USA, Australia and Switzerland. By the way, how’s your Japanese?

By now you must be wondering: “Ok, but what’s up with the flamingos?”. Well, ever seen them eat? They scoop fish out of the water with their heads upside down. That’s how they see the world from a different perspective. So do we. They gather in groups. And act like one big team. That’s us. And let’s be honest, they’re just flamboyantly cool. So are we. Have you seen all the things that we do? If not, then check out our LinkedIn & Facebook and find out why we are a certified Great Place to Work (or read up on it here)!

So, let’s try that pick-up line again.

Hi, we’re Trilations. And we’re consultants.
Just NOT your average ones.

Did you catch our drift? Then what are you waiting for? Join our flock!

We're official sponsors of the flamingos!

Did you know we’ve been official sponsors of the flamingos at the Zoo of Antwerp since 2015? If you go check them out, there’s even a little plate that says our name.

Check it out on the Zoo of Antwerp’s website

Our 2 CEO's with the certificate of the zoo of Antwerpen

One of the flamingos in our flock!

As we continue to sponsor these beautiful birds, the Zoo of Antwerp was kind enough to send us some pictures of them! Feast your eyes on their (surprisingly more red than pink) feathers!

“Trilations is possibly one of the best companies to combine Marketing Research and Consulting, with a well balanced Bottom-Up and Top-Down approach. where we can make business impact with fact-based decisions.”
Korkut Bilgin General Manager Japan & Asia Pacific
An organization is as strong as the synergy of the different individuals. Organizational transformation is the balance between top-down direction setting, broad-based, bottom-up performance improvement and cross-functional core process redesign.
Claire Versluys Head of Organizational Transformation


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