On Thursday the 23rd of May, our Global Lead for Advanced Analytics, Bjorn Van Loy (Phd), will be speaking at the EyeForPharma Japan Conference in Tokyo.

Eyeforpharma is one of the leading platforms worldwide where the pharmaceutical industry can share ideas on trends and practices with healthcare stakeholders.  In a session that is looking at the shape of pharmaceutical sales roles in the future, Bjorn will be sharing Trilations’ expertise on how data-driven decision making can help pharmaceutical companies make customers the central point of their strategies, and ultimately increase their competitiveness to reach the commercial leadership positions they aspire.

In a recent study by Trilations in Japan, we have asked physicians to what extent they consider the pharma industry today as data-driven in comparison to other industries in Japan.

63% considered pharma amongst the top 3 industries (next to finance & banking and media). However, still, 1 out of 3 indicate that they don’t consider the pharma industry as highly data-driven.  This is just one of the indicators that there is still a lot to be gained from mining available data sources to better understand the needs of our customers.  Today, we have so much information available, but it is key to use this in an optimal way to be able to make the right decisions for the future!  In our talk, we intend to explain how real data-driven customer centricity can improve competitive positions by becoming better at listening, understanding and meeting patients’ and doctors’ needs.

“63% considered pharma amongst the top 3 industries (next to finance & banking and media)”

Spending time looking at customer data and understanding the drivers in your markets delivers key business insights.  This in turn allows us to put a strategy in place based on hard data with the customer at the centre. Bjorn will explain how this process -from data to insights to strategy- works.  It is a combination of traditional market research with the latest state-of-the-art advanced analytics techniques that help you better prioritize your actions and maximize your ROI. It is a data-driven system:  a proven methodology that delivers solid strategic guidance and concrete action plans.

A truly customer-centric sales force does not stop at understanding problems and desires of patients and physicians within a therapeutic area.  Understanding market and product drivers is the first step for an insightful strategy.  But equally important are insights about the quality and effectiveness of the interaction with the customers.  Organizations often neglect how and when the customers are best approached with messages.  How often do they want to hear from us?  Via which channels?  Not all physicians have the same preferences.  And make no mistake: these more personalized interaction and channel choices should also be based on data.

Come and see Bjorn’s presentation on Thursday 23/05 from 11:30 to 11:55 or come and see us at our booth, we are booth number 4. (see the floorplan)

We at Trilations really look forward to exchanging ideas and helping to shape your customer and/or omnichannel strategies for the future!  Hope to see you at eyeforpharma Tokyo!

If you have any questions about this topic or the presentation, don’t hesitate to contact Bjorn Van Loy.

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