• Leadership team

    How to…

    • prepare for the digital transformation?
    • gain company & brand leadership?
    • become more customer & patient centric?
    • become a trusted partner of society?
    • install relevant & measurable metrics?
  • Commercial excellence

    How to…

    • win/grow in competitive markets?
    • create value with AI and machine learning?
    • make every product launch a success?
    • effectively (re-)allocate resources?
    • optimise the OmniChannel mix?
  • Medical affairs

    How to…

    • ensure scientific launch readiness?
    • evolve to scientific leadership?
    • become more investigator centric?
    • contribute to the overall company goals?
    • optimally allocate limited resources?
    • effectively bridge science & commercial?
  • Research & development

    How to…

    • become the most trusted scientific partner?
    • become the preferred trial partner?
    • provide more value for patients?
    • accelerate trial execution?


当サービスの目的は、クライアントのマーケットリーダー達成支援にあります。マーケットリーダーとは、マーケットシェア(コマーシャルの視点)または 医学・科学的分野(臨床研究開発・メディカルの視点)における競争優位性を確立した状態を示します。


Leadership through customer centricity
Omni-channel customer engagement strategies








Product launch / market entry strategy





“Working with Trilations was a great experience. Agile, fast, professional, customer and solution oriented: all the ingredients for achieving the best results.”
“Collaborating with Trilations felt like working together in true partnership. We teamed up with Trilations in a strategic exercise to improve our organization’s focus and capability in building long-term customer loyalty. The level of Trilations’ own customer focus and proactivity actually turned us into their loyal customer and absolute Trilations promoter.”
“Janssen Australia and New Zealand has been using the customer loyalty model for 12 months and already we are seeing the benefits in improved market share across key brands. The strength of the framework is that it highlights the key area of focus that will differentiate our brands vs. competition and is underpinned by customer insight.
“At Belfius insurance, we are fully committed to continuously growing our customers’ satisfaction. We were looking for an experienced partner to assess our current Voice of the Customer program and advise us on how to bring it up to the next level."
“The big advantage is their extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, their solid analytical skills, and excellent project execution and follow-up, which contribute to successful implementations.”
"I have been working with Trilations over the past 5 years in both the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in the medical devices industry. I value the partnership they strive to build with their clients, their commitment to customer satisfaction and their strategic thinking."
“We have been working with Trilations for several years in various business intelligence and strategic projects within the pharmaceutical industry. Projects have been diverse – covering pure analytics, market research and forecasting across all phases of a drug’s lifecycle.
“Trilations provided us with a fresh set of approaches and insights so that we could look at some of the issues in our business from different perspectives. Together we built concrete models to deal with some key financial & logistics challenges in the utilities waste industry.”
“Are ‘business insight’ and ‘insight into business’ synonyms? And is ‘strategy formulation’ always followed by ‘strategy implementation’? Normally not, but at Trilations they are!
Team of great professionals, committed to making Loyalty Study a culture in Latin America. Thanks so much for the face-to-face workshops, they really make a difference in the implementation of the study!
Trilations is a great strategic partner! They are very flexible and accommodating in meeting client needs, they are very knowledgeable about the therapeutic areas in the studies, and they are able to leverage recommendations and insights across regions. I am looking forward to working with them on building even more comprehensive action plans and developing ways to measure the impact that decisions from the workshops have on the business.
Director, Business Insights & Commercial Development LATAM
Questions about our expertise? Struggling with a specific challenge? I am at your service to help you find / talk about the best solution.
Hendrik Verplancke Sales Director
Our aim is to be the preferred business partner of our customers, by providing innovative, added value services via engaged consultants.
Johan Vermeiren CEO
I truly enjoy the fact that clients feel more secure to invest their resources in areas that drive growth & leadership. Understanding your customers starts with superior analytics, mobilizing your teams is what counts.
Lorenz Libert Business Manager
“Trilations is possibly one of the best companies to combine Marketing Research and Consulting, with a well balanced Bottom-Up and Top-Down approach. where we can make business impact with fact-based decisions.”
Korkut Bilgin General Manager Japan & Asia Pacific
“We are committed to serving the North American and LATAM markets from our new US office. Our unique expertise in fact-based HCP insights, applied in various frameworks across the entire pharma and medical device life cycle, help your brand and company succeed!”
Bradley Tritle General Manager Americas

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