From data to information to actionable insights, this is what Information Management aims at.

Trilations can help you unlock the data caught in your applications and capture data generated by machines. We help you enrich your data with open data and make them trustworthy, enabling algorithms to optimize your organization, gain new insights and assist people on the job.

We assist organizations to leverage their data to gain insights and explore new opportunities

We deliver data driven decisions.

We can help you with

Developing your Data Strategy for Business Intelligence (BI)/Advanced Analytics (AA)

Defining Business Cases to implement BI/AA

Defining the Data Architecture to accomplish BI/AA

Extracting/Transforming/Preparing the needed data

Establishing self-service BI

Designing and building actionable dashboards

Developing the right KPI’s and Key Behavior Indicators

Organizing and documenting your solution ensuring maintainability

Corporate Performance Management

Performance management is more than general measurements. It’s about defining measurements that are in line with the company strategy and the overall business goals and are supported by a management approach that is integrated on all levels within the organization.

Dashboard Design

Presenting data in clear and practical dashboards, isn’t as simple as it seems. You need to ensure the right info reaches the right people.

Using the the Dashboard, Analysis, Reporting (DAR) methodology we ensure each user has access to the right dashboard, with the correct amount of detail to make informed decisions.


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