We help you strategise and plan ahead without relying on fortune telling.

  • How can we set an ambitious winning strategies and translate it into fresh ideas?

  • How can we engage your organisation and have a real business impact?

  • With growing pressure on margins, how can we increase our market share and where can we find new revenue streams?

  • What will existing and new competitors be doing?

  • Is our new project worth the investment?

  • What are the implications for people and operational change?

  • How can we manage assets to achieve higher productivity and reduced risk?

  • What are best practices in the deployment of smart meter, smart grid and smart home technologies?

  • How can we use analytics insights to achieve high performance in the Energy & Utilities industry?

Customer Centricity

The Energy & Utilities business is increasingly becoming a fast moving industry. Putting the customer first is even more critical to stay ahead of competition.

We help Energy & Utilities companies to further increase their knowledge about their customers via statistical fact based (market) analysis and to implement the recommendations which deliver the benefits

Impact of New Central Market Systems and Data Hubs

Impact of New Central Market Systems and Data Hubs

Continuous and frequent changes in regulations are also increasing the pressure on the market to meet more complex requirements and tighter deadlines.

Market changes are resulting in greater centralisation such as, the introduction of data hubs, which are influencing the strategic choices and investments of market players.

Decentralised sustainable energy production in conjunction with digital innovation, are disrupting the energy supply chain.

New technologies, new services, ...

Successful Energy & Utilities providers are pivoting towards new technologies and driving innovation while strengthening their core. New products & services like smart metering/smart home, flexibility, storage, electrification of transportation and heating, and big data could all play role in tomorrow’s Energy & Utilities infrastructure.

We help you explore these opportunities, assessing how new technologies and services can be brought to market within existing framework and/or identifying what changes are required to make this possible.

New technologies, new services, ...
Achieving Business Excellence in the Digital Age

Achieving Business Excellence in the Digital Age

Leading Energy & Utilities companies are focused on moving towards more customer-centric business models to achieve operational excellence. Advancing technologies, such as smart meters and grids, cloud computing, data and predictive analytics, and social media, create opportunities to launch new products and services and deliver a more retail-like customer experience.

Technology is a key enabler for driving operational improvements that: cut costs, generate competitive advantages, improve regulatory compliance, increase security, drive the effective response to climate change and extreme weather.

Corporate Performance Management

Performance management is more than dashboards with measurements. It’s about measures that are in line with the strategy and the overall goals you want to achieve and a management approach that is integrated on all levels within the organization.

Physician and patient segmentation

Team As A Service

Short on good analysts for your projects? Looking for young competent analysts? We find them, we train them, we realize your projects in close cooperation with you. Together with you, we discuss the role these young professionals will perform in the project and the required training program. We teach them the right skills & tools to reach their full potential. During the mission, these professionals are coached by our senior people.

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Process Mining

Process Mining enables your organization to run in-depth process analysis driven by your own data. It helps you to identify patterns and trends within your processes by scanning the event logs of your organization’s IT systems and deliver game-changing insights into the way your business works.

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“Trilations was the right partner for this, combining energy sector knowledge with process knowledge. Trilations provided hands-on training with a good mix of theory and practice. The trainer spoke clearly from his practical experience, and there was a high level of interaction throughout the session.”
René Reinders Regulatory Affairs Manager
“Trilations provided excellent business support, which involved organizing internal discussions and providing the necessary external deliverables and reports, and this in close collaboration with many organizations on a European level.”
Willem Strabbing Managing Director
The Energy retail industry is changing rapidly. Our strategic imperative must be to invent and invest in our own disruptive business model. Digital is an opportunity to create new businesses. Together with the consultants of Trilations we optimize and implement digital projects to serve and create value for our customers.
Bram Vromans Digital Manager
Water utilities faces pressure to increase efficiency, improve customer service, deliver security of supply and offer new valuable services. In a major operational excellence program at Water-Link, the Trilations’ teams were responsible for optimising customer2invoice and maintenance/supply chain processes. This resulted in detailed processes, related working instructions and new ways of working for the organisation.
Franky Cosaert CEO of Water-Link
“The Energy retail industry is changing rapidly. Our strategic imperative must be to invent and invest in our own disruptive business model before somebody else does that against us. Digital is an opportunity to create new businesses. Together with Trilations consultants we optimize and implement digital projects to serve and create value for our customers.”
Bram Vromans Digital Manager
Innovations in the Energy&Utilities market are driving growth and customer loyalty. Customers are asking for these new products & services. New business models requires new mindsets and structures. To meet that demand, we benefit from Trilations’ knowledge and experience with new business models and transformation processes. We can count on Trilations assessing and integrating successfully those innovations into our operations and infrastructure.
Geert Leppens Director Smart Cities
I chose Trilations because it’s a small company with a big vision. There is room for growth, thanks to the interesting projects.
Geert Van Look Business analyst
A challenge is the perfect occasion to transform a problem into an opportunity
Frank Sels Account Manager
Our aim is to be the preferred business partner of our customers, by providing innovative, added value services with our committed consultants.
Luc Janssens CEO
The increasement in decentralised green energy production, the electrification of transport and available technologies create many opportunities for energy platforms.
Alex Curtoud Consultant Utilities
I'm involved in projects like E-mobility, all focusing on the future of the energy market.
I believe the energy world will fundamentally transform in the next decades.
Robert Van Cauwelaert Consultant

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