The demands of the public and the employees regarding the level of service and the way work is organised pose a challenge for the local/regional/federal administration. How to deliver great services with happy people?

  • How many FTE do I need to deliver great services?

  • Is the workload divided equally amongst the employees?

  • What can we do to optimise the way we work?

  • How can we achieve the most with the talents in our team?

  • What is a good way to merge 2 departments in my organisation?

  • What kind of training do my coworkers need?

Case management

We have already successfully implemented several case management systems. Our case management solutions are designed to support the (case)workers to generate more successful, optimised outcomes – even as they also attend to and secure the individual bits of material contained in the system.

Organisational & Team Mobilisation

Business Analysis & Architecture

Well performed business analysis has the potential to become the central discipline for defining creative solutions for business & change and ensuring that solutions meet business needs. To do this Business analysts have to possess the skills and experience to understand and analyse the business issues and to develop effective responses.

Process Improvement

To cope with a constantly evolving environment, it is vital to adapt your business processes accordingly – not only to improve efficiency, but also to keep your processes aligned with your strategy. We provide methodology, training and resources to analyze and improve your organization’s processes.

Corporate Performance Management

Project Management

Our Project Management approach is based on proven industry standards combined with the best practices of our project management experts. We manage different types of projects from initiation to hand-over, or at any stage in between. We enter an existing project, assess the issues, and help you bring the project back on track.


Team As A Service

Short on good analysts for your projects? Looking for young competent analysts? We find them, we train them, we realize your projects in close cooperation with you. Together with you, we discuss the role these young professionals will perform in the project and the required training program. We teach them the right skills & tools to reach their full potential. During the mission, these professionals are coached by our senior people.

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Physician and patient segmentation

Corporate Performance Management

Performance management is more than dashboards with measurements. It’s about measures that are in line with the strategy and the overall goals you want to achieve and a management approach that is integrated on all levels within the organization.

“Are ‘business insight’ and ‘insight into business’ synonyms? And is ‘strategy formulation’ always followed by ‘strategy implementation’? Normally not, but at Trilations they are!
Based on our experience in public organisations together with our delivery capability we provide innovative, added value services via committed consultants. If you have any questions about our services, I’m happy to help.
Yannick Corthals Business manager
Our aim is to be the preferred business partner of our customers, by providing innovative, added value services with our committed consultants.
Luc Janssens CEO

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