This rapidly changing digital environment requires financial services companies to re-evaluate their current business model in order to cope with the following challenges

  • Fintech is increasingly active in the electronic payments market: How do we embrace the disruptive power of fintech?

  • Cost of regulation for smaller banks is high in EU: SEPA, MIFID, GDPR, PSD2 RTS.

  • PSD2 pushes Europe towards Open Banking: Regulatory challenges.

  • Diverging & previously unknown (TPP) business models: Does the legal framework fit?

  • Implementation Cost PSD2: All the compliance needs to be met – same work load if 30K or 30M customers.

  • ASPSP, AISP, PISP, PSU – their relationships ?

  • Financial services are in need of new unified data platforms.

Services in Finance

Our consultants assist and guide you in adapting your organization, metrics and operations to take key steps towards a client-oriented & more competitive future. In close cooperation with your teams on all levels, we improve the efficiency of your operations and install indicators to measure its effectiveness.

Process Improvement

To cope with a constantly evolving environment, it is vital to adapt your business processes accordingly – not only to improve efficiency, but also to keep your processes aligned with your strategy. We provide methodology, training and resources to analyze and improve your organization’s processes.

Corporate Performance Management

Visualisation using dashboards makes it possible to provide everybody with the right information at the right time. Interpreting the measurements leads to better decision-making and improvements, which, after evaluation, prioritisation and implementation, will help you to meet your goals.

Business Analysis

Well performed business analysis has the potential to become the central discipline for defining creative solutions for change, while ensuring that solutions meet business needs. To do this, business analysts have to possess the skills and experience to understand and analyse the business issues and develop effective responses.

Project Management

Our Project Management approach is based on proven industry standards combined with the best practices of our project management experts. We manage different types of projects from initiation to hand-over, or at any stage in between. We enter an existing project, assess the issues, and help you bring the project back on track.

“Are ‘business insight’ and ‘insight into business’ synonyms? And is ‘strategy formulation’ always followed by ‘strategy implementation’? Normally not, but at Trilations they are!
Adapting your organisation and streamline its processes to enhance customer experience, using digitisation and automation techniques is what we deliver. If you have any questions about our services and solutions, I’m happy to help!
Yannick Corthals Business manager

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