We’re not one of the Big 4, but we do have 4 big reasons that make us a ‘Great Place to Work’

  1. We go for big results, at top multinational companies. From strategy development to systems implementation.
  2. Our motto: ‘learn by doing and grow by sharing’. With the right opportunities that fit your skills and drive your passion. Experience continuous growth in an expert environment.
  3. At Trilations, you’re never alone. We’re business professionals, with a passion for people.
  4. Our culture of common sense: we ask the right questions and bring pragmatic solutions.

Let’s be honest, we all spend a lot of time at work so you better make sure you enjoy what you’re doing. And that’s exactly what we strive for. 

At its core, a Great Place to Work is a workplace where employees experience trust in their leaders, have pride in their jobs and enjoy themselves with their colleagues. Every year, the Great Place to Work Institute Belgium, in collaboration with Vlerick Business School, searches for the ‘Best Workplaces’. The Great Place to Work Trust Model consists of five dimensions. It measures the level of trust employees have in their employer (assessed through employees’ perceptions of ‘Credibility’, ‘Respect’ and ‘Fairness’), as well as the ‘Pride’ they have in what they do, and the experience of ‘Camaraderie’ they have with their colleagues.

The survey shows that a whopping 98% of employees say Trilations is a Great Place to Work. Watch our colleagues explain why in this video.

How did we get to this point? Because we live, breathe and work with four company values that are the foundation of everything that goes on at Trilations. Check them out below.


Be Trustworthy

By building trust and long-term relationships, we can be close to our clients and create the most impact. Consequently, we have been working closely with our largest customers for many years. This treatment is not just for our clients. Our colleagues deserve every bit as much trust. This is how are able to continue building a fantastically strong team. Even though Trilations has grown to over 140 employees, everyone is on the same page.

Be Outstanding

Our tagline says ‘not your average consultants’ for a reason. Being outstanding is what is reflected in our work. Our consultants go beyond the extra mile to deliver exceptional work to our clients. We do this by adding value through co-creation, professionalism, and integrity. But as an employer, Trilations wants to be outstanding too. We offer high quality trainings, a very flexible work environment, the tastiest food service, the chance to realize ideas as an entrepreneur within the company, and much more. Even our teambuilding activities are outstanding. One day you will find yourself indoor skydiving, and the next you’ll be skiing off a mountain. We do corporate events in places like the MAS museum or the Port of Antwerp Havenhuis. We have family days in theme parks and go to the zoo. And then we’re not even summing up all the events that go on at our HQ (office disco, anyone?).

Be Future-Oriented

As a part of our learning culture, we motivate ourselves to remain on top of things. We stay agile and future-oriented by creating an environment of continuous growth, through training, coaching and knowledge sharing. This innovative mindset helps shape the future of Trilations and that of clients. Our employees are the ones that coach and develop the next generation of Trilations consultants. Thanks to our Competence Centers, Building For Growth soft skills trajectory, Trilations Academy and numerous other initiatives, employees gain the necessary knowledge and certifications to push things forward.

Act as #OneTeam

And then there’s ‘Act as #OneTeam‘. You can feel it both during and after work. We partner with our clients and our colleagues in projects and beyond! We always assume good intention and show respect. We achieve big things together as one big team, but we also have lots of fun together. Just think of all the teambuilding events we mentioned. We even have our own sports team that organizes a wide variety of athletic initiatives.  Every month there is a lot happening. Most of the time the idea starts with one of our colleagues and then takes off. The fact that you have the freedom to act on your ideas and make them reality together as a team, is the best example of our #OneTeam culture.

We take care of each other. We team up. We listen. We collaborate. We laugh. We win.

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