Eye for Pharma – Partnerships in a multi-stakeholder environment

From the 18th until the 20th of March Trilations partnered with Eye for Pharma within their prestigious summit in Barcelona.
During this event Trilations hosted a workshop around “realising powered partnerships in a multi-stakeholder environment” in the format of an interactive worldcafé.

Over the past years, the pharmaceutical stakeholder map, as well as the interactions with traditional stakeholders, has changed strongly. Pharmaceutical companies that succeed best in adapting to this changed pharmaceutical landscape have a clear competitive advantage over industry peers.

Within the Eye for Pharma workshop we focused on the requirements to build a strong partnership with key stakeholders. Together with representatives from the different stakeholder groups and pharmaceutical companies, we developed a first set of insights and practices that should help in improving partnerships with the stakeholder groups

We are pleased to share the workshop outcomes with you.

EFP workshop outcomes
workshop outcome - physicians
workshop outcome - journalists
workshop outcome - Hospital management
payers, politicians & policy makers
workshop outcome - patient advocacy groups