European Utility Week 2018, Vienna

Take aways

The Energy System of tomorrow is:

  • Decarbonized: increase of renewables, electrification of transport, reduce energy consumption
  • Decentral: grid-connected energy storage capacity (battery), distributed power generation
  • Digital: intelligent connectivity (IoT), GDPR compliant data access, smart meters, digital technologies (app, chatbot, digital assistent, …)

Flexibility is making TSO’s and DSO’s redefine their role in the future energy markets

  • Managing flexibility at the local level becomes more important due to increasing local production
  • Need  for a strong cooperation between TSO and DSO to maintain overall system stability and security

The Energy Market is moving towards a customer centric approach

  • From mediated to direct demand: From technocratic central planning by government & the energy industry to direct buyer decision representation – true energy democracy
  • Chris Peeters, CEO of ELIA Group: “The key to the success of the 21st energy sector will be “putting the consumer at the centre of the market”.
  • How to involve/interact better (digitally) with customers using customer journeys taking into account that customers only spend 5-6 minutes annually with their energy retail supplier.

Blockchain is (perceived as) the technology what will have a disruptive impact on future processes within utilities.

  • Many possible applications: micro grid management, EV charging, smart contracts, customer switching, …
  • One of the most important enabling technologies to put the customer at the center
  • The Internet of Energy: unique, open and secure real-time communication