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Customer Satisfaction 2014

To keep close contact with our customers, and to optimize the services we provide, we conducted our third customer satisfaction survey at the end of 2014 as an annual best practise.

We want to thank our customers for taking the time to share their honest, valuable views on our services and procedures. And we’d like to share some of the insights with you!

First of all, we are proud to conclude that 86% of our customers stated that Trilations is their preferred company or at least equal to its best competitor.

In more detail, our results show that:customer satisfaction 2014

  • Our customers are highly satisfied with our core services – namely, our consultants’ knowledge and expertise and their approach and attitude!
  • Our customers are pleased to work with our commercial team.
  • (And last but not least) Our customers are satisfied with our consultants’ project management skills.

Looking at the outcomes of our three annual satisfaction surveys, we see some positive evolutions over the years:

  • The first positive evolution is the larger number of respondents – and, as a result, more trustworthy data.
  • The second positive evolution is that our already positive reputation keeps improving from year to year. This shows that our efforts to tailor our services to our customers and deliver added value have been positively endorsed.

These positive results will encourage us to further improve our services and become even better. In 2015, our focus will be on reinforcing our company image and strengthening our communication.

Customer Experience