Our 3 pillars are

Ecology, Society & Employee Well-being

🌙 Beyond the Moon 🧒

They help families with sick children. We are proud to support them.

Read all about them

☀️ Go green 🌳

We are one of the main sponsors of Natuurpunt.

Learn more about our sponsorship

🔧 Bike repair 🚴‍♀️

No more excuses! Every Trilly can come to the office by bike now. A bike repair van came to our office and fixed all the bikes!

🧠 The Shift 📈

We have joined the shift to give more structure to our CSR activities.

Find out more about the Shift

🚶‍♀️ Step-count champion 🏆

To motivate everyone to move as much as possible during certain events, we organised a little competition. Betty (HR) was the champion!

🏃‍♀️ Running the 10 Miles 💪🏽

Every year we partake in the 10 Miles of Antwerp. Congrats to the Trillies who finished it!

🦩 The zoo of Antwerp 👶

We sponsor the flamingo of the zoo of Antwerp.

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✨A CSR New Year 💓

At Trilations we hold a yearly employee satisfaction survey to make sure everyone is happy and feels part of our big family.

The CSR-team saw this as an opportunity to highlight the 3 pillars they wish to improve, being:

Employee well-being -> The survey
Ecology -> The plant
Society -> A big part of the money spent on the plant goes to Kom op tegen Kanker.

Watch the video they made

🍹 CSR after-work drink 🍕

The CSR-team brought us to the meadow of Natuurpunt which we sponsor. They invited 2 guides of Natuurpunt to come and tell us about the history of the area and what they plan on improving. Afterwards, we had delicious antipasti and pizza from Louis’ Pizza!

👏 De Vlinderkens 🏡

Our own Trillies choose to give their Christmas present away to this good cause.

Read all about it

Our 2 CEO's and the president of the Vlinderkens
An organization is as strong as the synergy of the different individuals. Organizational transformation is the balance between top-down direction setting, broad-based, bottom-up performance improvement and cross-functional core process redesign.
Claire Versluys Head of Organizational Transformation
Our aim is to be the preferred business partner of our customers, by providing innovative, added value services with our committed consultants.
Luc Janssens CEO

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